How it all Works

At Party Perfect Rentals, we offer convenient and hassle-free party package rentals to make your event planning process smooth and enjoyable. We are located in Elk Grove, CA. Here's a step-by-step guide on how our rental process works:

      • Select Your Date and Set Up Option: Browse through our available party package options and choose the one that suits your event theme and requirements. Each package is carefully curated to provide a cohesive and stylish setup for your celebration.

      • Reservation and Deposit: To secure your chosen party package, we require a deposit equal to 50% of the package price. This deposit acts as a reservation fee and ensures that the items in the package are reserved exclusively for your event date. Along with the deposit, we also require a $150 refundable security deposit that will be made added to the 50% deposit. This fee will be refunded upon complete return of your rental, and once we’ve confirmed everything is in good condition. We estimate the refund will be processed within 48-72 hours after return.

      • Remaining Balance Payment: The remaining balance of your booking must be paid in full one week prior to your event. We will send you a reminder to make the final payment, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event planning.

      • Rental Agreement: To ensure a transparent and smooth rental experience, we have a rental agreement that outlines our terms and conditions. This is presented to you at checkout and you will not be-able to complete to reservation process without marking that you have read this. We will also email a copy after your order has been placed. You can find detailed information about the rental process, refund policy, and care instructions for our rental items in the agreement. As part of our reservation process, we require that you mark that you have reviewed our terms and conditions and rental agreement at checkout before placing your order.  The rental agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, ensuring a clear understanding of our policies and responsibilities. 

      • Pick-Up/Return Information: At this time, we only offer pick-up service for our rental items. Upon confirmation of your package, you will receive an email with further details regarding the pick-up process. For events taking place from Monday to Friday, please email us to arrange special pick-up times prior to booking. All pick ups are scheduled on Friday's between 4pm-6pm, with returns on Monday between 8am-9am. If there is another pick up time or drop off time you need please feel free to contact us prior to booking.

      • Deposit Refund: After your event, you are responsible for returning all items included in the party package. Your entire rental package must be returned on Monday by your selected time. We'll inspect all items within 48-72 hours of the return. Upon receiving the items back in their original condition with no damage or signs of excessive wear and tear, we will refund your deposit in full. 

We understand that timely and efficient pick-up is crucial for your event planning, and we will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure a smooth pick-up experience.  Please make sure you have read the entire package information, including the sizes of the items to ensure they'll fit in your vehicle. 

Please note that any damaged or missing items, or items showing more than normal wear and tear, may result in a partial or complete forfeiture of your deposit. We value the quality and upkeep of our rental items to provide the best experience for all customers.

We strive to make your event memorable and stress-free with our party package rentals. Should you have any questions or require assistance, we are here to help. Contact us at and let us create a remarkable event together!